Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Things to Consider Before Having a Canine

In my own experience as a dog owner, dogs tend to have different attitude and temperament from one another. This factor along is a must to consider before having a canine at home if you don’t want to have headaches later on. Canines are cute, cuddly living creatures that also have attitude and temperament as humans do.

You should know what to own-ask yourself what breed and if it will be a full grown dog or a puppy. Different dog breeds have distinct personality. You don’t want to have a dog having opposite personality as you do, this will only worsen your problem. With my dog one is very opposite with the other one though their personality resembles mine. In human relationships this mean that you have connection and shares same interests and personality. Find the best that match your personality.

Probably the most important thing to consider is if you have time, love and patience to devote to the possible new member of the family. If one is lacking you should drop the idea of having a canine for your own good and the dog’s welfare as well.

One more thing don’t ever buy a dog or any other animals as pets that purely based in your impulse or just because you like, you are only being a danger to these animals. Remember that there are so many things to consider before having a canine.


bambie said...

this one post is very informative. i was considering getting myself a pet dog. however, with the lifestyle i have, it's hard to take on the task as of yet. there are indeed a lot of things that need consideration when it comes to taking care of pet dogs. thanks for this!

Goozik said...

Other key facts to consider are the hair style of the dog, some you can get away with brushing every few months, others need it almost daily. Along with the activeness of the dog after the puppy stage, some are very content to stay inside pretty much all day, others want to go outside 20 times a day to run and play.

Govinda Sharma said...

Ohhh What a great information give here about Canine. This is Clearfiy to All that needs to go outside with a dog.AnyWay this is great piece of information and apply it on my life.

anang said...

I think the dog is the best friend of human being. This kind of animal have better interact with us than other animal like cat. Its behaivour can help human leaving stress. Your article is very nice. Good work.

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