Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Buying a Dog? Know Where to Find One

After weighing all the options and still you are decided to have a new member of the family, it is important to know where to buy dogs and some added checklist before you buy that doggie in the window. There are legit places selling puppies and dogs. All you need is to find this places before you say “how much is that doggie in the window”.

The easiest to find is pet shops. I’m sure there’s one or two pet shops near your place so why not take a visit. Check if the place is well maintained and if hey have permit. Healthy pets are raised in good environment.

If you know a breeder, it is the next best option to find a dog. Breeders have two kinds, the professional ones and the backyard breeders.Between the two, I suggest that you choose professional breeders. Although if you know a backyard breeder that you know are knowledge experienced and know how to properly breed it might be a good choice too. There are breeders who are willing to guide you in raising your dog, so ask a breeder if he/she is willing to guide you.

Animal shelter is another place where you can have a dog especially an adult dog. There is just a catch with it, dogs in animal shelter don’t have papers. Just make sure you pick you think is healthy. One more thing if you want specific breed you better check often as they don’t keep stock of breed.

One of the popular places to find dogs but also one to avoid too is puppy mills. I really hate people behind puppy mills. I once watched a video in a site where police officers raid a puppy mill. There I saw how dogs are confined in puppy mills. Needless to say these animals’ rights have been stepped on by some people who are greedy with money.

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Fisher said...

Thanks for mentioning animal shelters as a good place to find the right dog. If someone is not really into a pedigree, it is the best.