Monday, December 13, 2010 Home of Medical Scrubs

I always go to my dogs vet clinic and like any other medical practitioners, their uniform is what I first noticed. They looked so clean and respected. There are lots of medical scrubs manufacturer but I think only few delivers outstanding uniforms for our medical practitioners.

When it comes to medical scrubs, has a wide array of quality uniforms and since they have a website that you could easily check via online you can pick the one that you like.

With you could easily buy scrubs online when you need it. is a well-known maker of finest and fashionable scrubs in town so don’t be a geek with your boring scrub apparel.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Donate Your Car for Animal Shelters

The other day there had an animal cruelty featured in the news. They had photos of group of men with butcher dogs which one of them holding the head of the dog. Some concerned citizen sent the photos to animal welfare. It was sickening to see those dogs being butcher for their meat.

Having dogs of my own, I’d do my best to provide all the things my dog needs so seeing stray dogs with no home and in the danger of cruelty makes me sad. Here in my country, there are not enough programs that the government has to ensure the welfare of dogs and cats and other animals as well.

Unlike in the U.S that there are hundreds of organizations that take care for dogs with no home such as the Cars Helping Pets with their program car donation humane society. For dog lovers or for those simply have the kind heart to help there is a way to give a home for man’s best friend.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Dog Visit to Cemetery

Before the date of All Souls Day we ( me, my sister, buchie and chuchie or simply the chie's ) decided to visit early our Uncle at the cemetery. Honestly we don't know if dogs are allowed to bring in the cemetery but we took the chance and succeeded. The guard at the gate of the cemetery didn't stop us so we are very lucky. To read our detailed trip called Apin's Unusual Trip: The Bumpy Ride.

Do I need to Loan?

With the past Halloween, I'm now lacked of funds. I'm thinking of having an installment loans that I can pay monthly. I think having an installment loan is much better in my case because there's no need to put valuable assets which is my Anyway there are other loans that I can choose from such as unsecured personal loans and personal loans. I'm not an expert to this but from my understanding unsecured personal loan does not obliged you to have collateral.

Back After a Month of Vacation

I'm back blogging again to All About Dogs after a month of hibernating. I'm been busy to my other sites that I forgot to update this dog blog of mine. Anyway if you want to read updated my family of canine adventure, feel free to visit Chuchie's blog entitled Blackeyed Chuchie. Its a blog of Pino's daughter. Happy reading!