Friday, August 28, 2009

Pedigree Versus Mixed Breed

I don’t have a first hand knowledge in pedigree as all of my dogs are mixed breed. Pedigree is purebred means both parents are the same breed. Every dog breed has different behavior and attitude. If the dog is pedigree then it will only inherent his breed behavior and attitude.

In the case of mixed breed, there is the tendency that the pups will have both parents behavior and attitude or in some case inherent mom or dad’s behavior. For some mixed breed it’s a little hard to handle because of their mix behavior but it all depends on how you train the dog.

Having 3 mixed breed dogs is not a problem for me and hadn’t had a headache about it. Honestly for me there is no 'higher' between pedigree or mixed breed as long as you know your dog personality well and train them will do the trick.

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