Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tips in Naming a Dog: Spot, Spark or How ‘bout Max?

Naming a dog is never an easy task if you think it is. I had a hard time choosing my dogs’ name that I even ask for my sister’s expertise. Here is some tips in naming a dog and how we came with my dog name Pino.

If your looking for a mind buggling activity, naming a pet is the best choice. So why not gather your friends and family members and let the game begin or should I say long debate and discussion.

With my first dog, we came up with the name Pino. It may not makes sense especially with its meaning in both Filipino and English language though it well suited him well.

So how we came up with the name? To justify Pino’s name, it came from my favorite character from an Indian show titled Pinochio and the Blue Fairy. The character of Pinochio there is also called Pino and the guy that portrait Pino is so funny and cute too. Pino’s characterisitics in the show are the same with my dog so I named him Pino.

Anyways, the bottom line is name your dog appropriately and with connections both to you and your dog. Character from your favorite shows and movies will give you tons of idea in naming your dog just make sure it fits your dog’s attitude.

Tips: Try calling your dog with the name you chose and see if the dog will respond and if it will sound nice.

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