Monday, September 7, 2009

Added Checklist Before You Buy that Doggie in the Window

I just wanted to share this information which I think would be helpful for you in buying a dog that is hassle free.
  •  This I may sound redundant but this is very important if you don’t want a costly dog. See to it the dog you want have the required papers.
  •   Old enough to be apart from the mother. This is very important and I always remind my friends not to have a dog under 3 months old. Dog beyond this age if separated in the mother have less chance of survival and might have socializing problem. The mom is the first one that the pup socialized to.
  •  Meet the mother. Check if the mom have behavioral problem such as aggressiveness and shyness.
  •  Ask for the parents papers. Healthy pet parent have healthy pups.
  •   Agreement is a must. You can get agreement draft in your local breeder associations. It is better to put things in the paper for any problem that may arise.

Everything is said. Good luck in your quest finding a perfect dog. Hope you enjoy your new family member companion as much as I enjoy my dogs’ affection.

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