Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Dream Dog Mansion

Have you heard a dog having own mansion or crib? I have read stories about dogs with their own crib. Not just in the house but they have their own house with small chandelier as well. All I can say about it, is wow. They are one lucky dog. At one point I thought it is nothing compared to the companion and joy they bring to their owners.

Paris Hilton dog mansion

As for my dogs, they are contented (I hope) to sleep in our living room, my room, anywhere inside the house. Seeing those dog little mansion makes me envy. As a pet parent I want something like that for my babies.

For my dream doggie mansion, I want something elegant as a home lighting like the crystorama lighting made of crystals to brighten my doggie mansion. I want something simple yet elegant but for now they would have to stay with me in one roof.

Maybe when I become rich (in the near future hopefully) I can give that luxury to my dogs. For a more attainable goal at the moment my alternative is to buy them a cozy bed with pillows especially for my Pino ‘coz he wants to sleep with pillows.

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Robert said...

That is really cool.

For me, my dogs love sleeping in the laundry. They love the heat in winter, and I think the smell of our clean dry clothes.
But I would also love to give my dogs a full house, with pool etc.

really cool.