Thursday, July 8, 2010

Anti Mange Herbal Dog Soap

Anti mange herbal dog soap is specialized in dealing dog mange skin problem. Mange, if left untreated can start deteriorate dog appearance at first and then health that could lead to serious complications and death.

Though it is uncommon skin disease for dogs that has good hygiene, one can have this disease from other dogs that has it. Treating dog mange dog mange depends on the severity that a dog has. It could be treated short period of time to months.

Bathing is the primarily treatment used on dogs with mange. Special dog mange soap is effective for this disease, inexpensive and easy to use. You can opt non-herbal and herbal dog mange soap which ever you want to use.

Why dog mange soap differs from ordinary soap? The answer is these kinds of soap have special formulation of active ingredients not found in ordinary dog soap. It contains Triclosan, Fenobucerb BPMC and Sulfur, all chemicals. While in herbal dog mange soap, Madre de Cacao is the main ingredient. This plant is known effective in treating mange.

Since dog mange is cause by fungi or parasites, most anti mange herbal dog soap is also anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti parasitic and anti itch. You will get all these anti skin dog problem with one soap. This soap is also good to prevent ringworm in dog.

I have used anti mange herbal dog soap for my dogs and the result is amazing. My dogs’ skin is healthy; their coat is also shinier and silkier. Herbal dog soaps have oils from Madre de Cacao or other herbal plants used in it limits lather formulation but facilitate faster and deeper penetration in the dog’s skin for better result.

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