Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How Important Ready Made Dog Food on Your Dogs Healthy Balanced Diet

Nutrition is key factor for our dogs health thus ready made dog food made by different dog food manufacturers are the best ( but not all so do a research first ) for a dog healthy and balance diet. 

The question is the title of this article, how important ready made dog food? I thought of this question myself and most probably where in the same boat. The answer is, ready made dog food is well researched for a dog diet needs. Dogs especially puppies have different nutritional intake for proper growth. Older dogs need less than puppies while senior dogs have different nutrition need as well.  Puppies should have more proteins, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients in their diet. Think you can give all that, sure you can but how “much” are you able to give? It could be too much or too less.

Ready made dog food products are there to help you give your dog deserve without too much hassle on your part as dog owner. While dogs in the BARF diet have also ready made dog foods found in the market nowadays since it is becoming popular to feed dogs raw diet.  So what are the ready made dog foods you can give to your dog?

Canned dog food/ or in the pouch

This ready made dog food is normally cooked (not for dogs on BARF diet) and with sauce. I normally buy dog food in pouch since it is more economical for me. My dogs’ loves chicken chunks with sauce made by Pedigree that I add cooked rice. Aside from chicken, there are lots of varieties to choose from. Most dogs love canned ready made dog food and dog owners' too since it is easy to be fed though one disadvantage is they are soft. Dogs fed only soft/canned dog food will sooner or later have problems: tartar build up, plaque, and periodontal disease. Give your dog hard food as well for healthy gums and teeth.

Kibble/Dry dog food
It is the traditional food of dogs with a twist. Some dog food brand made kibble wet and dry. Meaning you can now feed your dog kibble either wet or dry just add some water. Some kibbles have multi colors while others in plain brown. Normally dog food manufacturers made multicolor dog food kibble for puppies. Before you buy any dog food check the label and ingredients first. Dry dog food forced your dog to work its jaw, removing tartar while massaging the gums. Dog hypoallergenic food is given to those with food allergy.

Treats/ dog Chew products
Although it is given occasionally, dog chew products are good for your dog health and should be part of your dog diet. Don’t you want to spoil your dog something they’ll love once in a while? While not give your companion rawhide chew or munchy sticks.

Most dog chew products are made of buffalo or beef hide. Chew products are usually the ones you see knotted in a shape of a bone or pressed hide. These rawhide chews are good for cleaning your dog mouth and strengthening your dog jaw. Some dogs digestive system do not tolerate rawhide, use in moderation only.

Munchy sticks are sticks you see in supermarket pet section colored in green, red, brown or yellow in various thickness. They are made of ground buffalo hide and other undefined additives. Since most of munchy sticks composition is not clear it is advisable to munchy sticks with undefined ingredients. Check the packaging for the ingredients, some contains cardboard and high residue of paint so choose a product that clearly state and described the product and the ingredients used.

Whichever ready made dog food you give to your dog, ensure that it is a complete with necessary nutrients, always check the packaging.


bujju said...

nice info.

Olivia said...

I agree. Pets nutritional needs vary as they age.