Thursday, October 8, 2009

Simple Ways to Better Understand Your Pet Dog

Applying human thoughts on your dog is a big no, no though I am guilty with it as well. The love and care that I give to my dogs and treating them as part of family makes me forget that they are still animals only domesticated and not humans that can understand my human thoughts and language. Sometimes I find myself talking to them as if they are my same species that have capabilities to understand every bit of words I’m saying. I don’t say they don’t understand us, they do but in different way.

They don’t have logical thinking, they act base on their instinct. Why not try to imagine how dogs will react in certain circumstances. This will give you insights on how they might react and make possible correction if necessary. You will learn a lot as well by observing your dog social life, doings and behavior at some situations. You will know what they fear at, their needs, their approached towards other animals and humans and most of all what their body language says. Hope With these simple ways to understand your pet dog would have a positive results on your relation to your dog.

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