Friday, October 16, 2009

Let your Pet Dog be Dog

Dogs are dogs no matter how you like them be like you. I know sometimes you treat your dog like humans as they are part of your family. Out of consciousness you forgot that they are still domesticated animals that don’t have human understanding. So don’t expect too much from them even they are well trained and well behaved because they have still an animal nature in them.

Not all your words are understands by your dog and not all your command are obeyed, so what if they make mistakes sometimes. What matters is you correct it the right way. Don’t be over protected and strict to your pet dog. Let him be a dog that has freedom.

Dogs are naturally playful and full of energy and sometimes if you’re not an active pet parent, like walking your dog a couple times a day would make them run and play inside your house or backyard like crazy. If you don’t want havoc inside your house why not let them play in your backyard. You can even play with them and you will be surprise how enjoying it is to bond with your dog. You can even make it as an exercise as well.

You can also make them use their natural talent. For example if you have a terrier dog known for being an expert hunter and digger; you can train him if you are in the hobby of hunting. While digging might bring a problem, understand that it is in their nature so be patient and teach him not to dig in your backyard. In these ways you are not taking away your dog freedom and his purpose other than just being a pet and companion. It will make your relationship even healthier.

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