Monday, October 19, 2009

For Better Dog Health is through a Dog Massage

Chances are that in your dog’s lifetime, he has suffered some sort of muscle injury by jumping off the couch the wrong way, twisting his foot in a gopher hole, or wrenching his back while leaping to grab a Frisbee. The injury may not be apparent at first, but perhaps your dog has only seemed to slow down a little in his everyday motions or play. In one of these instances, dog massage could probably help your dog.

But, massage can also help a healthy dog maintain his well-being and also help him relax.

Massage for dogs can help improve and enhance a number of physical body functions, with two of the most critical being blood circulation and muscle maintenance. 

Blood Circulation – massage in this case will help open blood vessels, which in turn improves the circulation of the blood. This aids in getting more oxygen and nutrients to be distributed throughout the dog’s body. And, with a stronger blood flow more waste and toxins (which may be making your dog ill) can be flushed out of your dog’s body.

Muscle Maintenance – through massage, your dog’s constricted muscles will loosen and will result in decreased pain, an increase in range-of-motion and will help restore proper muscle tone.

There are however, correct massage techniques that should be used with your pet. You can probably find classes offered to instruct owners in proper massage techniques, as well as books that are available on the subject. There are also many pet clinics that offer exclusive massage for your pet. Ask your vet for recommendations to local facilities, or he may even offer massage therapy in his own clinic.

If you choose to do dog massage yourself, it will be time well-spent for you and your pet together. Be assured that your pet will enjoy the sessions of your personal touch on him, and it will help your bond together more than ever. Your pet will also benefit in his physical condition and health.

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