Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Face your Fear of Dogs now, its National Face Your Fears Day

Now is the time to face your fear of dogs in celebration of National Face your fears day made famous by Steve Hughes. According to faceyourfearstoday.com , fear of dogs is in 9 in the top ten list of America’s most common feared of. Cynophobia is the scientific term used to describe people’s fear of dogs. Children even adults may suffer fear of dogs.

Why this cute furry man’s best friend being feared of? It seems ironic that while some people spend thousands of dollars for their furry pet dogs, others are afraid of them. The percentage of people in America that have fear of dogs is only 11 percent, small it maybe but lets us ponder why this people have fear of dogs.

Behavior of Dogs

Naturally dogs before they are domesticated as pets, they are bon as hunters and strong wild animals. These reasons along brings fear to some people especially when they encountered dogs or have seen dogs that don’t behaved well when approached by strangers. Behavior of dogs differ towards certain circumstances, even well behaved dogs may act and be aggressive at certain times.

There are things that may provoke dogs to be aggressive and feel threatened by you. This should be avoided especially if the dog is not yours.
  • Direct eye contact
  • Quick approached to the dog
  • Touching the dog in the head
  • Taking away valuable possession from the dog ex. Toys and chew bone

Signs of dogs’ agitation are a cue for you to leave but not to run
  • Growling
  • Shown teeth

How to overcome fear of dogs?

There is no medicine that will cure fear of dogs. Just like any other fears, fear of dogs should be face. This means people with fear of dogs should be exposed to dogs; cute, friendly small dogs are a great head start. It doesn’t mean that the person should touch or hold the dog; this could be done when the person is well acquainted having dog or dogs with him.

Are you having fear of dogs or any other fears? Don’t hold back, take the challenge and face it. Celebrate National Face your Fears Day!

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