Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dog Costumes: Do’s and Don’ts

Boo! It is the time of the year again where witches and vampires are seen in busy streets and parties saying the famous line trick or treat. Just few days to wait and its Halloween time again. Almost all ages are excited in this time of the year and what really amazing to see are dogs in Halloween costumes. Indeed Halloween is a dog event as well as dogs baptism ceremony that need for your dog to dressed up.

Dogs in costume are the ones that are really cute and funny. But did you know not all costumes for dogs are good and safe, so before you buy dog costumes why not take time to read this lists of costumes for dogs do’s and don’ts and Simple Dog Safety Tips this Halloween for a fun trick and treat.
  • Costumes not too low or hang that might tip your dog.
  •  Choose dog costumes appropriate for your dog size and temperament. The costume must fit well  your dog body: not too tight and not too loose.
  • Fabric is very important for your dog costumes. Cotton made costumes are the best choice for all dog type. Other fabric is warm in the body and might bring discomfort for your dog.
  • Beaded costumes are not appropriate for a dog as it is might be swallowed and choking might  happen.
  • Above all your dog should be comfortable in his costume and that the costumes will not hamper his field of vision. You never know what might happen in the dark with all the ghouls in the streets.

Enjoy and have a safe happy Halloween trick or treat from Its All About Dogs!

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