Thursday, August 27, 2009

Male or Female Canine: What to choose?

There is nothing special between male or female canine. I mean they are equal; it depends on your preference what to have. Like for me, I didn’t actually planned that my first dog is a he. Things happened and he came to me, well not quite really. My mom gave it to me, a male dog. He is the only one that doesn’t have a home yet so got him.

For others they are worried that they might chose a wrong gender. There is no wrong gender in choosing a dog. Both sexes have strength and weaknesses and imperfection too.

If you chose a female dog, then expect puppies in the future unless you sprayed her then she will no longer be in season. The same with a male dog, if you want to be troubled every time he goes into season, castration is the best option. Male dogs have strong scent than female dog and stronger if they are into season, so castration will help eliminate the odor.

Spraying and castration is done by a veterinarian so nothing to worry about. But for me I didn’t opt to castrate my dog as I don’t want to him to lose his testicles. I endured his not so strong smell when in season for over two years now. I use dog cologne to lessen his smell and it covers the unwanted scent.

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