Thursday, August 20, 2009

Misconception in Owning a Pet

I have a neighbor who owns a dog but doesn’t care much for her dog but thinks she is because she owns and have the dog. Having a pet especially dog is a great responsibility. Pets are meant to be cared by all means. When you own a dog you are taking the full responsibility in that dog’s welfare. There is a big difference between... Read More


Purple Pansy said...

And just letting the dog out to do his business and bring right back in does not exercise the dog!

netrepreneur said...

I agree. Having a dog is much like having a child. Responsiblitlies should be taken seriouslym and this includes feeding, grooming, training, and nurturing. Having a pet and having a toy are two very different things, you can't buy a pet and just abandon it set it aside when you're tired playing.

iminawaz said...

If you own a pet you should see to it that you are owning a life and take complete responsiblity of it.