Thursday, November 18, 2010

Donate Your Car for Animal Shelters

The other day there had an animal cruelty featured in the news. They had photos of group of men with butcher dogs which one of them holding the head of the dog. Some concerned citizen sent the photos to animal welfare. It was sickening to see those dogs being butcher for their meat.

Having dogs of my own, I’d do my best to provide all the things my dog needs so seeing stray dogs with no home and in the danger of cruelty makes me sad. Here in my country, there are not enough programs that the government has to ensure the welfare of dogs and cats and other animals as well.

Unlike in the U.S that there are hundreds of organizations that take care for dogs with no home such as the Cars Helping Pets with their program car donation humane society. For dog lovers or for those simply have the kind heart to help there is a way to give a home for man’s best friend.

Donate car to pets is a program that let’s you donate your old car for the welfare of animals. If you donate a car it will be sold at its highest price, the money paid for the car will be then use for foods, shelter and other things that a pet needs. The best part of it is your unwanted car will be valuable for others. It will help stop animal cruelty.

Time is gold as they say so the Cars Helping Pets made it easy for those who are willing to donate their car just schedule the time and date when you are ready to give your car and Cars Helping Pets will pick it up with no cost at your part.

No matter where you are in the U.S you can still donate a car since they accept all kinds and models of cars in all 50 states. No need to travel just to donate a car and Cars Helping Pets will pick it up no matter what state you are in.

So if you are sick of seeing animal cruelty in the news or in your own neighborhood, act now and donate your car.

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