Thursday, November 19, 2009

Potty train a Dog using Dirtbox

This method of potty train a dog using dirtbox is far better than the old custom newspaper potty train in terms of cleaning. As you know newspaper potty train could add up in the work once the paper got wet, it got messy and a little bit uncomfortable to your part to pick up the used newspaper.

This kind of potty train is normally done for puppies for their early training though dirtbox potty train in dogs are much appreciated by most pet owner. Ask a dog or cat owner and they would say that dirtbox is more practical to use compared to free newspaper as it can be used over and over again. 

Dirtbox is also called litter box is like a plastic tray that you could place soil or stone in it where your dog could do his business with out messing the house. So how this dog potty train using dirtbox makes it easier for you and your pet? Well the answer is your dog would be more comfortable peeing or the other business in a soil than a newspaper. 

At first it would be hard to housetrain your dog to pee in the dirtbox but remember patience is a virtue. The moment you noticed that your dog would do his business, place him in the dirtbox and hold him still just enough time till he is comfortable and let him do his thing.

Place him again if he jump off the dirtbox without doing what he is suppose to do and repeat the process again until he do it.  Make sure that he will use the dirtbox every time he would pee or poof. A week or two doing this potty train using dirtbox is enough time for your dog to learn that the dirtbox is his comfort room. 

Potty train a dog using dirtbox is helpful if your dog is left alone in the house most of the time just clean and replace the soil in the dirtbox once a day. You could also use baking soda to lessen the odor.

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