Friday, November 5, 2010

Do I need to Loan?

With the past Halloween, I'm now lacked of funds. I'm thinking of having an installment loans that I can pay monthly. I think having an installment loan is much better in my case because there's no need to put valuable assets which is my Anyway there are other loans that I can choose from such as unsecured personal loans and personal loans. I'm not an expert to this but from my understanding unsecured personal loan does not obliged you to have collateral.
No collateral means little paper work equal fast approval of the loan. Personally, I think loans with no collateral is much lighter, you will not think what if I'm not able to pay the loan at the scheduled time I will lose my car, house or whatever asset you placed as a collateral. For those who are also seeking financial aid like me always search first for trusted loan companies.

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Veronica said...

Installment loans are a great option. I use them all the time. You're right, there is no collateral.