Saturday, January 9, 2010

I love surfing the net and have been to hundreds different sites already and I think this site is the best for its advocacy in involving ordinary people like me to take part in helping animals and different  research institution in discovering cure for cancer and the like.

The Animal Rescue Site

It was in someone’s blog or should say dog blog that I read about the You see I have this habit or reading dog with blog. I find it cute and funny and really amazed how their owner’s put time in their dog blog’s. Anyways I found the badge in one of the dog blog that I frequently visit. The badge has a picture of dog paw and has the words click to give. These words caught my attention and so I clicked, and I’m amazed at how much I could help with just one click.

I decided to have the site badge in my dog niche blog to help spread the site’s good deed so others would be given a chance to participate and to help. For me the site is like a charity. An instrument for those who wants to get involved in helping but don’t know how. Like for me, I have been wanting to help in anyway I can even online so this site has given me the chance to give my contribution not just with one sector of animal welfare because the site also deal with hunger, breast cancer, child health, literacy and rainforest.

By clicking the animal rescue tab, you will be able to donate .6 bowls of food to rescued animals. Its free, all you need to do is to click and you can do it everyday. That means you can help everyday. I tied to clicked everyday but sometimes I missed with the dull reason of I forgot to clicked. If you really don’t want to miss helping, you could sign up using your email for daily reminder.

Other than giving food to sheltered animals, you could also give free mammograms that can help prevent breast cancer, feed the hungry in poor countries, a child healthcare, give books, and protect endangered habitat. All of these is just one click needed and with just a little time to spare. I have done all these clicking with less than 15 minutes.

The site does not just offer for you to help but to get you educated. I have learned so many things in this site. It broaden my knowledge with the things that happening around me.

This site is not just to educate people and to help but a great place to shop too. If you want to help more, the site has items for sale in low prices available internationally. They have bracelets, clothes for you and your dogs, jewelries such as earrings, rings and necklace. In fact I have found few items I want to buy in days to come. Recently when I checked the site I noticed that their shop does not only offers items for sale but as well as helping by funding a micro loan for farmers in Guatemala or send children in poor countries in school for small amount. There is an explanation on how the money will be used in helping the people so you know where and how your money would be a big help.

Check the site and see for yourself how you can help because there are lots of ways to help in this site so there would be no reason for you not to be involved since the site is easy to navigate. By the way there is also an easy way to help spread the word, by sending your families and friends an e-card that can be found in the site.

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