Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects

Although your vet says vaccination is important in protecting your pet, note that there are side effects that your vet might not tell you. Rabies vaccine is legally required for a companion animal to have as not to be a threat to humans, hence this could cause side effects to your pet.

Your vet has an obligation to inform or discuss to you any side effects of a vaccine and not just the benefits of it.

Rabies vaccine side effects in dogs

After the shot your dog may experience malaise, fever or the worst possible adverse reaction is anaphylactic.  Vaccinosis is a non-immediate reaction that can result to:

Separation AnxietyVomiting
Facial Swelling
Autoimmune diseases
Digestive disorders

Rabies Vaccine side effects in humans

A vaccine such as for rabies can cause serious problems for humans. The most common is allergic reaction.

Mild Rabies Vaccine side effects
 redness, swelling, headache, dizziness,  abdominal pain, muscle aches,

Moderate Rabies Vaccine side effects
 hives, joint pain, fever

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